Spiritual Hygiene + Daily Rituals for Manifestation, Protecting Your Blessings with SaTar’Ra

We are continuing our magic and manifestation series with the brilliant and multi-passionate creative SaTar’Ra. SaTar’Ra is a Creative, Conjure Woman, & Ritual Practitioner focused on the intersection of Music, Movement, and Spirituality. She also happens to be a fellow graduate of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training I took at the end of 2021.

We really connected at the training. So when I was planning out this series I knew I had to have her on as a guest. This conversation is full of insight and wisdom and a must-listen for anyone looking to learn how to keep their spiritual hygiene up and work magic in their lives.

Tune in for an episode dripping in good energy. We discuss spiritual rituals you can incorporate into your life and SaTar’Ra shares advice for protecting your energy and keeping your manifestations sacred.

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When you see yourself as someone of value and as someone not everyone should have access to— That is self-love.


  • Spiritual Hygiene for manifestation.
  • Moving through our various identities without putting ourselves in a box.
  • Daily rituals to keep yourself protected.
  • Yoga as a healing practice.




I don’t know about you, but for me -establishing and sticking with a routine can feel hard and stifling at times. One of the (many) things that SaTar’Ra embodies fully is ritualistic living. In this episode, she shares some practices that help her keep to her rituals.

With SaTar’Ra being a performer, each day could be different, meaning that you may not have the opportunity to build a routine. So she started asking herself questions like; “What do you do to bring yourself comfort?” For SaTar’Ra, having a shower, brewing some coffee, and talking to someone she loves in the morning is a great source of comfort.

The art of the ritual is paying attention to the routines we already have and looking at how we can deepen those moments. Personally, I felt that this was a super-powerful insight into developing a ritualistic way of living. You can add a ritual to almost everything you need to do, being present in that moment, and not having your mind wander to your to-do list or other responsibilities is key.


Many of us have heard of spiritual hygiene, but what does it actually mean? The definition of spiritual hygiene is listed as the practice of paying attention and maintaining your energetic self.

One of SaTar’Ra’s offerings is holding readings for people using her intuitive and psychic abilities. These gifts are quite powerful so it is a priority for SaTar’Ra that she maintains good spiritual hygiene. Maintaining your spiritual hygiene could look like:

  • Slowing down when you feel called to
  • Cleansing your alter and sacred spaces often
  • Keeping your home tidy
  • Filling your cup
  • Movement
  • Play
  • Journaling
  • Solitude


There is a connectedness that we have as humans living on this earth. At times it can feel like we are alone in the world or that we are the only ones going through it. The truth is that there is usually someone out there that has some of our shared experiences. Those shared struggles can actually help cultivate community.

Being part of an intentional community is empowering but you still have to protect your energy, not all spaces are safe. We often see people overshare on social media, especially in the wellness and spirituality spaces. Vulnerability is a sign of strength but not everyone deserves to know you like that. Part of protecting your energy is limiting who has access to all parts of you. You can still be an authentic person while setting boundaries. The most powerful manifestations happen when we keep them to ourselves.

A lovely metaphor for manifestation that came from my conversation with SaTar’Ra was instead of telling people you’re going to write this song, ask them if they want to listen to the song after you already wrote it. Don’t give people the opportunity to insert their insecurities or doubts onto your dreams and desires.


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Next week are diving into the Akashic Records, and learning how the Akashic Records can be a helpful tool for channeling our manifestations.


  • Life is a series of small rituals
  • What is for you will not miss you
  • Manifestations are sacred
  • There is magic in keeping some things a secret
  • Find pleasure in the process


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