Finding Your Inner Magic Through Self-Acceptance with Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley

This week on the podcast we get to have an incredible conversation on inner magic and self-acceptance with yogi, entrepreneur, author, and activist Jessamyn Stanley. Jessamyn is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness. She is highly sought-after for her insights on 21st-century yoga and intersectional identity.

To say I’m a fan of her work is an understatement. When I first started the Balanced Black Girl podcast I had a shortlist of dream guests. Jessamyn was on that list, so this is a truly full-circle moment! Our conversation is rich and full of insights regarding what the practice of self-acceptance involves. We also chat about our respective yoga journeys and the profound lessons Jessamyn learned in her training around compassion. Being the true astrology nerd that I am. We also get into a conversation on our big threes and the impact astrology has had on the way we connect with the universe and ourselves.

This episode is full of insights regarding our path to wholeness and feels like an incredible blessing.

Listen to the episode below!

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Any experience you have is leading you to the deeper experience of yourself.

We also talk about…

  • The many lessons in conflict and disagreement.
  • Practicing compassion with ourselves gives us more tools to be compassionate with others.
  • There is no final destination with wellness. Each day presents an opportunity to be closer to ourselves.
  • Self-Acceptance as a spiritual practice
  • We get nerdy about astrology, our big threes, and using our signs perceived weaknesses as strengths

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The Practice of Self-Compassion

A personality trait that Jessamyn radiates is a solid sense of self. She knows who she is and what she brings to the table. Body liberation is a big part of her brand and as a person, you can tell she embodies that spirit of liberation. It seems like she has it all figured out but we are reminded that just like us, Jessamyn is a human being who continues to do the inner work to be here. A big component of her practice has been self-compassion.

Self-compassion is defined as compassion for one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering.

Practicing self-compassion not only fosters resilience, but also improves body image, enhances self-worth, and reduces mental health problems related to anxiety, stress, and fear.

Jessamyn shares that she’s at a place in life where she is being given a lot of opportunities to practice compassion with herself. Being more kind and compassionate with herself allows her to be more compassionate to others. There is a lot about life that we can’t control, but being kind and compassionate to ourselves and others is something we do have the ability to control.

Wellness Is Not a Destination

The way wellness and yoga content are shared online, has many of us believing that wellness is a destination. It’s an illusion that when we have perfected a yoga pose or a routine we are done, and that the mission to be well is complete.

The truth is that wellness is not a destination. Rather, it is a state of being, and the practice is balancing that state of being. In our conversation, Jessamyn shares how life has a funny way of always finding new ways of forcing us to accept some shitty piece of ourselves. Often, it’s that piece of ourselves that is the best. There is a duality that exists of that piece being the best and worst part of who we are.

The Gifts of Life’s Hard Experiences

One theme that my conversation with Jessamyn keeps is the way she frames working through life’s challenges and obstacles. Every challenge presents an opportunity to learn and develop a deeper sense of self. On our journeys, it takes a while for us to get into a space where we want to get to know ourselves rather than being hyper-focused on changing who we are.

An Astrological Moment

During our chat, we did a quick dive into our astrological charts. Sharing what each of our sun, moon and rising signs are. We took some time to nerd out on the different characteristics that each part of our big three contains. Jessamyn shares that she is an emotional person (hey double cancer placement!).

In the past, she viewed this as a negative trait and didn’t consider her emotional way of interacting with the world as brave. The truth is there’s a fearlessness with the way of emotions that we really need right now. Each part of yourself, the empowering, the obvious, and even the perceived negative are all a part of what makes you, you.

There is so much good in our conversation you may want to listen multiple times. The gems she drops are many. Magic really starts within, and having more compassion for yourself will bring you one step closer on your journey to self-acceptance.

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