Going After Your Dreams + Gaining Body Liberation with Chrissy King

On this week’s episode of the Balanced Black Girl podcast we reconnect with the amazing Chrissy King. She is a writer and speaker, as well as a fitness and strength coach, who is passionate about teaching women how to unapologetically take up space in this world. Chrissy is a talented manifestor, and shares what she’s learned about creating a life of your dreams, while also navigating life’s highs and lows. She provides practical insight and advice for others who are on the journey of exploration. She is also our first-ever returning guest, making this a truly full circle moment.

We discuss taking your power back by living the life of your dreams. We also chat about exploring the duality of becoming that girl while having peace that everything you want will all come together – as long as you keep moving forward. Trust us, when we say you’ll be thinking about this conversation for at least a few weeks, and will wanna save this for later so you can listen to it all over again.


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The reason I call it body liberation versus body positivity is because, unfortunately, so much of the body-positive space has really been co-opted by thinner bodies, straight bodies, white women. And it’s become really hyper-focused on loving yourself and loving your body. Which again, I want all of us to unapologetically love our bodies. But also, when I think about body liberation, it’s so much more than loving your body. It’s about recognizing that your essence and your core – there’s so much more than your body. Right? Your body is just what allows you to have this human experience. And so, that’s why I talk about liberation – because what does freedom in bodies actually feel like? What does it really mean to feel at home, to feel at peace, to feel comfortable in our own skin?


  • Having peace and trust with your manifestations.
  • The difference between body positivity vs body liberation.
  • Escaping the conditioning of limiting beliefs.
  • Matching your environment to the lifestyle you dream of living.



When envisioning the life of your dreams what comes to mind? For many, building a life you have dreamed of requires stepping out of your comfort zone. This could mean finding a new job, or shifting your mindset. In some cases an entirely new perspective is needed, meaning a big move. Moving to a new city is no easy feat, from finding a new gig to establishing an apartment and community, starting over isn’t easy. In the three years since Chrissy’s first Interview so much has changed. The dissolution of her marriage followed by the unexpected tragic loss of her father, resulted in her taking a leap to follow her dreams of moving to the big city. She relocated to  Brooklyn NY from Wisconsin and while the move didn’t go off without some issues Chrissy felt affirmed that this relocation was the right decision, bringing her one step closer to her dream life.

Since her move Chrissy has been able to network and grow her writing career. As well as make some lifelong new friends and connections. When reflecting on all she has accomplished Chrissy shares that she doesn’t know if she would have been able to grow in the way she needed to if she had stayed in her hometown.

Exposing yourself to new experiences and new environments forces you to be more self sufficient. Once Chrissy made the leap and immersed herself in this new world she had a realization that while it was challenging and full of unknowns, she could do this and that being there was exactly what she needed.


Once we let go of our expectations we leave room for magic to happen. When thinking about our goals and dreams it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of what could go wrong. Focusing too much on limiting beliefs can cause us to stay stagnant and play small in our lives. There is no limit on our goals, society has led us to believe that we have to accomplish certain things in a specific way. When Chrissy made the move to NYC she was 32, further proof that living your dream life has no age requirement.

Another common mistake that folks make when manifesting is becoming attached to the outcome. When you manifest, your are putting your order out into the universe. Once that order is placed you have to let go and trust that what you ordered is on its way. Chrissy shares that an important aspect in her manifestation practice is trusting that what is for her will be for her -it’s just a matter of time. Letting go of the need to control will create more opportunity to create your dream life. This mindset has helped her manifest her book deal, writing and speaking career, and more. Chrissy has also recently started going to therapy to heal generational wounds and help combat intrusive thoughts caused by imposter syndrome. Therapy is a great way to help us reflect and see things from a non biased third party.


Chrissy is not only a writer, she is also a former personal trainer and strength coach. She believes that Body Liberation is the key to freedom from diet culture. The term Body Liberation and Body Positivity are used interchangeably, but there are important differences between the two. Body Positivity has often been monopolized by thin, able bodied white women distorting their physiques in a way to become more ‘relatable’.

Body Liberation is an intersectional movement intent on creating freedom from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy, healthy, and desirable than others. The Body Liberation movement is so much more than just loving your body. Loving your body will not magically eliminate racism, ableism, and discrimination. It’s about finding your own personal liberation and freedom from diet culture, and then moving as a collective to dismantle those systems of oppression within our communities. Although she doesn’t offer training anymore, Chrissy still lives her life through the lense of Body Liberation. She encourages others to seek training spaces that cultivate a diet culture free experience. Training in safe spaces can completely rewire your brain and heal the relationship between your mind and your body.


The overflowing wisdom and insight in this conversation has us more motivated than ever to go after our dreams. Hearing about Chrissy’s experiences with manifestation and leaving her life of comfort for a new and exciting path is so enlightening. Something that is really apparent in the conversation is the theme of trust and intuition. It can be challenging to trust ourselves, especially in a world where seeking outside validation is the norm. We encourage you to go after what you want, put it into the universe and dream big! The outcome may exceed even your wildest expectations.


  • There is no age limit for success and living the life of your dreams
  • Do not become too attached to the outcome of your manifestations
  • Body Liberation and Body Positivity are not the same
  • Take the risk, the outcome will exceed what you expected


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