How to Stay Balanced When You Have A Side Hustle

how to balance a side hustle

Today I’m kicking off our business and entrepreneurship series sharing my experiences having various side hustles. From podcasting to personal training, to working in retail and corporate at the same time, I’ve done it all and I’ve learned a lot about how to find your balance while juggling multiple careers.

If you’re interested in having your own business and don’t know where to start or want to run and grow a business without burning yourself out, this episode is for you.

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Episode 160 Topics:

  • My experiences having different side hustles over the years.
  • How I transitioned into podcasting.
  • How to decide if having a side hustle is right for you.
  • Tips for growing a sustainable side hustle.
  • Ways to prioritize your wellness as an entrepreneur.

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Episode 160 Transcript:

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Thank you for joining me and welcome to balanced black girl I appreciate you tuning in today.

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My name is less I am your host and I started this podcast four years ago because I was having a really hard time.

00:00:20,942 --> 00:00:30,082
Finding a podcast that truly covered the topics I was interested in in the ways that I was interested in learning about so I decided to create it.

00:00:30,196 --> 00:00:37,194
On this podcast I facilitate many seasons were series that examine a central topic or theme from various angles.

00:00:37,308 --> 00:00:49,815
Last week we wrapped up our money and abundant series talking about financial wellness and this week we're kicking off our black women in business series discussing entrepreneurship brand building and career pivots for wellness focused women

00:00:49,785 --> 00:00:59,303
kind of like a balance whack girl be school so today I'm kicking things off by talking about side hustling I've been side hustling for a while in fact you are

00:00:59,183 --> 00:01:12,447
listening to my current side hustle at many points in high school and college I was working multiple jobs I made about one year post grad working one job before my mind started wandering and I started thinking of other things I could be doing.

00:01:12,489 --> 00:01:18,730
So I have a lot of experience in this area now I want to preface this by saying I don't think everybody needs to have a side Hustle

00:01:18,556 --> 00:01:30,946
I think it's something you should only do if you truly want to if you have experience you want to get if you have specific goals you want to reach and you've determined that that's the best way to reach them but I don't think that everybody

00:01:30,871 --> 00:01:42,631
needs to side hustle and I'm the leader of the I wouldn't work if I didn't have to Brigade so I do not want you to think that this episode or the information I'm going to share.

00:01:42,673 --> 00:01:47,727
Is by any means telling you that you should start doing that if that's something that you don't have an interest in

00:01:47,679 --> 00:01:54,838
but I have a strong interest in business that developed over time when I was younger I wasn't particularly entrepreneur

00:01:54,763 --> 00:02:03,661
I did not have natural business-savvy I wasn't the kid with the lemonade stand or you know the one to try to charge adults for the talent show as I put on

00:02:03,514 --> 00:02:14,292
with my cousin's I was I was given all that away for free didn't didn't have that savviness though I've worked a lot since I was a teen having a business just wasn't on my radar

00:02:14,208 --> 00:02:27,003
in fact for most of my life I actually thought that I was going to be a journalist that was what I wanted to be when I grew up but I was in college when the Great Recession hit and ended up switching my major from Communications to business because I thought a business degree

00:02:26,965 --> 00:02:28,309
would be more useful

00:02:28,162 --> 00:02:38,967
that was really the only reason that I was a business major and on one hand I'm grateful because I think I learned a lot from having a business degree I think it has served me it's served me well

00:02:38,839 --> 00:02:53,020
with where I'm at now but on the other hand I am a little bit sad that I did not feel I had the support or flexibility or freedom to pursue things that I was truly interested in I feel sad that at that age I was truly.

00:02:53,206 --> 00:03:03,769
Only thinking about my ability to make money and if that was the main driver of all of my decisions which you know that's part of being an adult sometimes but

00:03:03,730 --> 00:03:11,835
I do wonder what my life could have been like if I would have been able to really feel comfortable pursuing my interest from the beginning.

00:03:11,913 --> 00:03:17,065
I digress so when I ended up switching my major to business I actually.

00:03:17,107 --> 00:03:30,100
Enjoyed it I did well in my business classes I did particularly well in my finance classes which was a surprise to me because I always thought of myself as more of a writer you know School teaches us to put ourselves in boxes right

00:03:29,881 --> 00:03:38,878
you're a good writer so you can't be good at math too or you can't be creative and understand accounting you can't be artistic and understand economics right.

00:03:38,929 --> 00:03:49,275
But you actually can you can you can be good at multiple things you can do anything you can learn how to do anything you can develop any skill and during that time I've learned that I could.

00:03:49,290 --> 00:03:54,974
That was the beginning of my business Acumen which really changed the trajectory of my career.

00:03:55,214 --> 00:04:05,938
So though I started becoming interested in business in college entrepreneurship wasn't on my radar at all at that time I definitely thought that I was going to be a corporate body forever and then retire

00:04:05,755 --> 00:04:10,548
and that was it but being in corporate especially working for a large

00:04:10,410 --> 00:04:21,125
Old Slow company really sparked my interest in entrepreneurship because I have became interested in wondering how to solve problems in really big

00:04:20,897 --> 00:04:26,644
lots of layered companies it's really hard to drive change it's hard to make things better.

00:04:26,722 --> 00:04:33,512
I wanted to learn how to make things better I wanted to reduce friction I wanted to streamline processes I wanted to make things easier

00:04:33,320 --> 00:04:43,667
but as a 22 year old young black woman at a 100 year old company that was not going to happen my efforts to improve things we're not going to happen but with my own thing.

00:04:43,673 --> 00:04:48,663
Then I could experiment a little bit more and I could fix what was broken.

00:04:48,669 --> 00:04:56,432
And by doing my own thing I didn't have to choose between creativity and business or between writing and analytics or between art and finance

00:04:56,375 --> 00:05:00,438
I realized that with my own thing I could do both and I could do both well

00:05:00,390 --> 00:05:09,458
so my formal side hustle Journey that evolved into what it is today actually started in 2013 when I became a certified personal trainer

00:05:09,455 --> 00:05:18,281
past my personal training exam at that time my mom was taking classes at a group exercise gym that she loved it was kind of like CrossFit style workouts.

00:05:18,575 --> 00:05:25,473
Camps lots of Weights lots of kettlebells she told the owner how interested I was in Fitness and that I was getting certified.

00:05:25,489 --> 00:05:30,182
Also my mom is a g and is the most Charming person I've ever met

00:05:30,089 --> 00:05:35,952
the closest thing I'll be to a nepo baby is just the opportunity she's hustled up for me

00:05:35,931 --> 00:05:45,828
purely with her personality and charm and I'm forever grateful because unfortunately that personality and charm did not make its way down to me through the DNA

00:05:45,798 --> 00:05:46,647

00:05:46,590 --> 00:05:56,036
but I'm still grateful so in 2013 I passed my personal trainer exam and I start shadowing the other trainers at this gym and eventually start leading my own classes.

00:05:56,159 --> 00:05:59,403
Also during this time I had a corporate job and I had a

00:05:59,301 --> 00:06:10,026
horrible commute I still have nightmares about this time in my life I would commute from my apartment downtown Seattle about 30 miles north just.

00:06:10,032 --> 00:06:14,878
In terrible traffic I mean if you're from the Seattle area a familiar with it.

00:06:15,280 --> 00:06:25,266
And I get it I live in Los Angeles now so I'm still very familiar with bad traffic but there's something about Seattle traffic that is just really gets you it's the combination of there being like

00:06:25,156 --> 00:06:32,621
one freeway and the fact that it's like dark and raining all the time it's just a recipe for disaster so I would get to work by like.

00:06:32,807 --> 00:06:42,479
6:30 or actually no let me take a step back I would wake up around for to go to the gym and do my own work out I would get ready for work at the gym shower whatever.

00:06:42,602 --> 00:06:43,442

00:06:43,457 --> 00:06:57,486
That 30 miles in order to get to work by about 6:30 a.m. I would work until 2:30 p.m. and then I would commute 40 miles south again in the worst traffic which usually took about two to two and a half hours on good day

00:06:57,348 --> 00:07:03,913
to go to this gym and teach these workout classes and I would teach a 5:30 and a 7 p.m. class

00:07:03,775 --> 00:07:10,224
I usually get home around 9:00 p.m. and then I would pass out wake up Do It All Over Again.

00:07:10,338 --> 00:07:14,068
Now the kicker I was not getting paid to work at this gym.

00:07:14,812 --> 00:07:21,207
And looking back on it now being a decade older and wiser I'm like what was I thinking

00:07:21,024 --> 00:07:36,943
parts of the experience were very valuable that experience really helped me build discipline that was how I started establishing the routines that I still you know go by I learned a ton about Fitness about how to be a good trainer working with clients I mean I learned a lot.

00:07:37,174 --> 00:07:43,010
Honestly I don't know if it was worth it I think I could have learned those things in an easier way.

00:07:43,016 --> 00:07:51,427
And I could have been compensated to learn those things like I ran myself ragged I don't think I would have done it if I could go back and change it

00:07:51,343 --> 00:07:54,047
but I did and I did that for about 6 months.

00:07:54,143 --> 00:08:06,938
Eventually I got tired of how ridiculous and draining that schedule was so I quit the gym that I wasn't getting paid to be at and I got a personal training job at another gym that was like five minutes from my apartment and.

00:08:06,953 --> 00:08:18,659
I was actually getting paid to do this was a lot better because obviously the commute wasn't as bad I was actually getting paid and I had some really great clients who I built wonderful relationships with

00:08:18,539 --> 00:08:27,580
also at this time I was really passionate about Fitness and my goal in doing all of this that previous job that I wasn't getting paid to do which was not legal

00:08:27,370 --> 00:08:36,484
this personal training job I mean my goal was to leave my corporate work and work full-time in Fitness so I felt like I was really getting my foot in the door to do that

00:08:36,355 --> 00:08:44,784
however after about six months of that I started getting really burned out also during this time my relationship with food and my body

00:08:44,574 --> 00:08:56,937
wasn't great I was over-exercising I wasn't nourishing my body how I should have I definitely was not resting and sleeping as much as I should have been and it was just too much my body started shutting down

00:08:56,889 --> 00:09:03,472
so I quit that personal training job and I spent a few months just continuing to work at my corporate job and.

00:09:03,424 --> 00:09:14,248
Just learning how to chill a little bit during that time I ended up leaving the apartment that I was in and I moved in with a friend got a roommate to save some money I also had

00:09:14,038 --> 00:09:23,673
entered a new relationship at that time and I think not spending so much time in isolation and working and hustling from place to place being around my friend and my

00:09:23,454 --> 00:09:38,077
partner at that time who both had really healthy relationships with movement and healthy relationships with food helped me have a healthy relationship with movement and with food and that was incredibly valuable so for a few months that was really good for me I

00:09:38,002 --> 00:09:41,651
I was able to find a lot more balanced with my diet and exercise.

00:09:41,630 --> 00:09:53,453
I cut back at the gym I wasn't being so crazy about my food and I just felt way more balanced with how I was taking care of myself and this was where me kind of latching on to that idea of balance really started

00:09:53,360 --> 00:10:01,591
also during this time my old personal training clients and friends and folks I knew were asking for advice they wanted to know what.

00:10:01,570 --> 00:10:10,620
Was I eating what was that recipe for that thing that I made and posted on Facebook what were my work out so I decided to start a blog to share those tips now remember

00:10:10,455 --> 00:10:21,135
initially I wanted to be a journalist and I ended up in Aerospace Finance so starting a blog felt like a really good way to be creative to talk about wellness and that it wouldn't

00:10:21,096 --> 00:10:23,638
choir as much of me physically

00:10:23,545 --> 00:10:33,567
I didn't have to commute I could create my own schedule with it and it felt like a DIY version of the career that I had initially wanted to have

00:10:33,510 --> 00:10:41,939
so I ran that blog for about four years and it was one of the best decisions I ever made that was how I grew my initial audience that was how I learned how to work with

00:10:41,729 --> 00:10:52,481
Brands I learned search engine optimization I learned photography I learned social media I learned how to start monetizing but I was able to do so at my own pace

00:10:52,379 --> 00:10:57,441
now there was still some years in there that four years of running the blog that I was doing the most I

00:10:57,339 --> 00:11:11,530
can't help it one point in 2016 I was working my corporate job I went back to school which is a separate podcast episode in and of itself I was working part-time in retail and I was blogging and creating social media content.

00:11:11,500 --> 00:11:14,815
Just doing the absolute most please don't do that don't

00:11:14,768 --> 00:11:29,678
do as I say not as I do but by 2018 I got the pool to Sunset that blog and the idea to start this podcast which was a really Natural Evolution for my content at that time it was a really Natural Evolution for me at that time and I was able to apply

00:11:29,477 --> 00:11:34,755
everything I learned from all of my experiences previously to this podcast.

00:11:34,861 --> 00:11:48,088
Now I've had 925 employment the entire time except for a few brief months in 2018 when I got laid off from a job I had at that time so I spent about two months living off my severance pay and savings before getting another job

00:11:47,932 --> 00:11:54,858
and have had a nine-to-five ever since to this day at least if you're listening to this when it's being released

00:11:54,837 --> 00:12:03,977
as of this year 2022 this is the first year that my business Revenue has surpassed my corporate salary which is really

00:12:03,812 --> 00:12:14,410
exciting from working at a gym destroying my body for free to being able to surpass my corporate salary is a very surreal moment.

00:12:14,516 --> 00:12:17,858
Though I don't have plans to leave corporate at this time because first of all

00:12:17,837 --> 00:12:24,979
I'm paying a lot of different people off of what could be one salary there's a very big difference between revenue and a salary so

00:12:24,832 --> 00:12:37,591
even though the revenue that we're bringing in has surpassed my salary I am paying taxes I am paying all of my business expenses I am paying for all of my contractors off of what could be one salary

00:12:37,453 --> 00:12:40,175
right so that's you know

00:12:40,073 --> 00:12:53,588
that's some that's some fun math and also just the way this economy is looking the way this inflation is set up the way I like having health insurance the way these brands are real unreliable with their budgets and their payments.

00:12:53,648 --> 00:13:01,762
For me at this time it wouldn't feel like a wise decision to leave steady employment but either way it is a surreal moment to reach this point

00:13:01,705 --> 00:13:13,375
it's truly been eight plus years in the making when you look at the data around businesses owned by women that are profitable businesses that are owned by black women that are profitable.

00:13:13,390 --> 00:13:16,013
It's a pretty small percentage and

00:13:15,947 --> 00:13:29,417
to be in that percentage that small percentage of six-figure businesses owned and operated by a black woman is something that I am so incredibly grateful for and something that I don't take for granted because it has

00:13:29,414 --> 00:13:41,084
nourish my life in so many beautiful ways and yes it's been a lot of work and there's definitely been sacrificed and moments where it's hard and they're still moments whereas hard there's still every other day I'd be wanting to quit.

00:13:41,126 --> 00:13:46,252
But it has truly nourished and blessed my life in so many ways.

00:13:46,771 --> 00:13:54,831
Over the past eight plus years I've learned so much about how to keep a side business going while keeping burnout at Bay

00:13:54,747 --> 00:14:02,969
how to discover the initial signs of burnout in myself and knowing when I need to scale back how to grow a side business sustainably.

00:14:03,146 --> 00:14:15,734
How to monetize we have a small audience because my audience is actually still pretty small especially on social media podcast audience is a decent size but it took a really long time to get there so I'm going to share my tips for starting a side Hustle

00:14:15,605 --> 00:14:29,417
growing and sustaining a side hustle and staying balanced if you have a side Hustle
let's just take a quick break from today's episode to take a deep breath

00:14:29,289 --> 00:14:34,333
unclench your jaw relax your shoulders and check in with yourself.

00:14:35,437 --> 00:14:43,200
If you're looking to have more mindful pauses just like that in your day I have a recommendation for you my favorite app open.

00:14:43,557 --> 00:14:49,375
Open is a digital mindfulness platform combining breathwork meditation and movement I use it

00:14:49,310 --> 00:14:59,386
every day whether it's to do the daily meditation class in the morning or to work on my yoga practice open is an integral part of my day and I think it could be a good addition to yours too.

00:14:59,491 --> 00:15:05,976
I've tried so many meditation apps and while there are some good ones over time they tend to get really repetitive or

00:15:05,946 --> 00:15:16,139
don't have enough variety of classes or have way too many classes and I get overwhelmed picking which one to do which when you open an app to meditate the least thing you want to do is feel overwhelmed

00:15:16,136 --> 00:15:21,036
open is like the Goldilocks of meditation apps it really is just right.

00:15:21,115 --> 00:15:30,903
The interface is beautiful and intuitive to navigate when you open it the daily meditation is front and center so you don't have to feel overwhelmed looking for classes and deciding what to do.

00:15:30,936 --> 00:15:35,521
And the content is constantly updated to be fresh and it meets you where you are

00:15:35,509 --> 00:15:44,694
so whether you're doing a 10 minute meditation 60 seconds of breathwork and energizing yoga flow or building your strength through Pilates open has got your back

00:15:44,692 --> 00:15:53,733
I like to take a class with you on open and open is giving balance black or listeners 30 days free when you visit open dash balanced.

00:15:53,775 --> 00:16:03,122
That's 30 days of unlimited meditation breathwork yoga and pilates again you can join me on open by going to open dash together.

00:16:03,191 --> 00:16:05,184

00:16:05,040 --> 00:16:10,160

00:16:10,006 --> 00:16:16,580
As I mentioned earlier I don't think side hustling is for everyone and for people who are like no not for me

00:16:16,542 --> 00:16:28,634
I get it I hear you my heart is with you and I low-key agree with you sometimes I don't fully know if it's for me either but I've it's the choices that I made but if you're familiar with human design we back

00:16:28,479 --> 00:16:35,440
there are a few human design types that I think lend themselves to having a side hustle and that is generators

00:16:35,365 --> 00:16:47,791
and manifesting generators now if you aren't familiar with human design we've done a few episodes on it I'll link it in the show notes but both generators and manifesting generators tend to be folks who have a bit more energy to burn.

00:16:47,851 --> 00:16:57,325
Right people who get really inspired and lit up by things idea people who get an idea and start buzzing and getting excited about bringing it to life

00:16:57,187 --> 00:17:04,617
I think people with these energy types likely have the stamina that's going to lend itself well to juggling multiple things in this way

00:17:04,605 --> 00:17:23,773
I'm a manifesting generator and some of the points I've felt the most lit up and engaged and excited and successful or when I can feel myself tapping into that manifesting generator energy that was how I started this podcast I had the idea for the podcast podcast launched 10 days later because I was just buzzing with excitement about the idea that I had this

00:17:23,572 --> 00:17:33,001
ridiculous just out there energy where I spent 10 days bringing it to life which is a little bit.

00:17:33,160 --> 00:17:47,368
Crazy like I don't recommend that but it was just that manifesting generator energy kicking in when you get excited about something you have endless amounts of energy to bring it to life when I have an idea I love I become obsessed right that gives me the energy to make it happen.

00:17:47,590 --> 00:17:53,175
So if you have either generator or manifesting generator energy that could be a good sign that.

00:17:53,271 --> 00:18:01,610
If there's something that you really love or that you're really excited to pursue that you probably have the energy type that can help you make it happen.

00:18:01,877 --> 00:18:14,348
But regardless of your human design because I think anybody of any human design type can create the career the life the business they want I think the most important factors to consider are one what is your why.

00:18:14,453 --> 00:18:27,554
Why do you want a side hustle is it because you want to pursue a passion like maybe there's something that you really want to do and it's very different from your day job and doing it on the side which feel really fulfilling that's an amazing

00:18:27,345 --> 00:18:29,130
reason to start a side Hustle

00:18:28,983 --> 00:18:41,031
maybe you want to make a career pivot but you need experience in a different area so you start side hustling to gain experience or are you just like hey these bills the bills are real

00:18:40,965 --> 00:18:48,728
and I need to be bringing a little more in listen that's a valid reason to I think for me A lot of it was all of the above.

00:18:48,842 --> 00:18:59,287
But it's good to get clear on that because that's going to give you a roadmap of what your gig should be that's what's going to help motivate you when you need it it's what's going to help you get to where you're going

00:18:59,150 --> 00:19:07,263
now I'll say a lot of the advice I'm going to give is geared towards wanting to run a profitable side Hustle.

00:19:07,360 --> 00:19:21,280
If you happen to have a passion project side hustle love it keep doing it but know that I'm going to be speaking to the profitability and sustainability side of things today because as even as I saw with my personal training career you can really enjoy something

00:19:21,196 --> 00:19:25,358
but at some point you can only pour so much.

00:19:25,391 --> 00:19:34,981
Until you need some resource you're not going to want to do something forever if you're not being compensated or poured into or appreciated right so

00:19:34,898 --> 00:19:39,357
we love passion passion can get us very far and sometimes.

00:19:39,372 --> 00:19:45,802
You want a little resource in addition to passion and that's okay so that's what we're going to be more so talking about.

00:19:45,871 --> 00:20:04,005
You can have a side hustle that is a separate job right for a while when I was getting really serious about paying off student loan debt I worked in corporate and I worked in retail at the same time I was living off of my retail salary and I was using my corporate salary to go towards debt or you can have a side hustle that is a business of its own which

00:20:03,813 --> 00:20:12,917
I also have experience in as well I'm going to be talking more from the perspective of having a business of your own because that's where you have a bit more control over things.

00:20:13,022 --> 00:20:19,300
Now running a business is not easy but I am of the belief that when you get started

00:20:19,216 --> 00:20:27,465
especially if it's your first business and you're running it on the side that you should be doing everything in your power to make it as easy as possible

00:20:27,417 --> 00:20:35,459
where a lot of us get caught up is creating these really complex difficult businesses that are hard to grow and hard to succeed in

00:20:35,429 --> 00:20:44,119
according to research by JPMorgan at 61 percent of black women entrepreneurs start businesses in retail health education or social services

00:20:43,909 --> 00:20:57,568
now these are sectors that tend to have really high competition and pretty low margins so that makes it really challenging to sustain and scale these companies over a long period of time especially if you're doing it as a side hustle which

00:20:57,367 --> 00:20:58,171

00:20:58,250 --> 00:21:08,074
Eighty percent of black women owned businesses are side hustles and if you're experiencing challenges with capital and funding which we all know is a very real challenge.

00:21:08,116 --> 00:21:14,195
That is what can really lead to burnout that is what leads to running out of resources.

00:21:14,490 --> 00:21:27,024
So for me what I've chosen to create has been all about what is going to be easiest for me to do consistently maintained and show up for at the time so when I started blogging it was because I had that skill set

00:21:26,850 --> 00:21:33,244
I knew how to write because it required very little money to get started and because it was easy to do while working full-time.

00:21:33,493 --> 00:21:39,888
When I started podcasting I specifically chose podcasting over doing something like YouTube Because at that time.

00:21:39,966 --> 00:21:47,297
Impaired what was required from a resource standpoint and the little resources I had aligned better with podcasting than video production.

00:21:47,564 --> 00:21:54,508
Casting is actually pretty inexpensive to do you can find free hosting plans online where you don't have to pay.

00:21:54,559 --> 00:22:03,600
Leaving to host your podcast and to distribute it you can buy a microphone on Amazon for less than $100 plug it into your computer you can record on your phone.

00:22:03,705 --> 00:22:12,215
And keep it pushin versus something like YouTube visuals matter especially at this point in the game you know it's not 2010

00:22:12,104 --> 00:22:26,403
everybody has their blurry webcams but like viewers expect good quality and that often requires like a good camera or good phone good lighting good editing and that resource investment is really high in both time and money so

00:22:26,301 --> 00:22:31,183
at that time in 2018 less was broke I.

00:22:31,387 --> 00:22:42,859
Didn't have it like that I did not have the time the resources and none of it to go all in on something like video production so I went with podcasting because I knew that that's something I could afford and that that would be easier for me to sustain.

00:22:42,946 --> 00:22:53,049
It was an expensive to get started I have to worry about lighting or how I looked after a long day at work it was something I could do for my bedroom and it wasn't that hard at that time to be consistent

00:22:53,028 --> 00:22:58,478
that's not to say that everyone needs to start a blog or a podcast so you totally can if you want

00:22:58,421 --> 00:23:12,818
that's the same look at where you are look at the skills and resources you have if you want a successful side hustle how can you take the skills you have and package them in a way that will require as little resources as possible to bring to fruition.

00:23:12,833 --> 00:23:27,609
When you look at it this way it's going to be way easier to sustain and be consistent with and it's going to set you up to have a weight healthier business that can run lean and have some agility to it right you want your business to have some agility to be able to ebb and flow

00:23:27,354 --> 00:23:33,596
and move as the economy moves and as the Seasons move and as the needs of your customers and Community moves

00:23:33,557 --> 00:23:42,211
some pretty straightforward side hustles could be something like blogging or content creation going about it in a strategic way we actually have an episode coming up about that next week

00:23:42,091 --> 00:23:49,160
you know being a virtual assistant if you are a good communicator you're organized you can absolutely be a VA right you can

00:23:49,140 --> 00:23:53,130
absolutely make great money and it can be really really flexible

00:23:53,074 --> 00:23:59,288
or being a consultant in an area you have knowledge it right let's say you are amazing with

00:23:59,096 --> 00:24:16,383
finances and setting up Financial systems you can help other small business owners who are probably creative and probably don't have that skill set that up their financial systems instead up their back-end right you can build your own roster of clients using a skill set that you already have that's probably not going to take

00:24:16,200 --> 00:24:19,192
a ton more energy or resources

00:24:19,171 --> 00:24:30,499
so I would recommend when you're getting started having one simple offer or Focus area whether that's one platform you focus on or a very straightforward set of services you offer keep it tight

00:24:30,442 --> 00:24:37,368
keep it simple make it something very reasonable for you to keep up with now next is pricing.

00:24:37,410 --> 00:24:50,511
Pricing can be tricky based on what you're offering right pricing is probably the hardest for Content creators and a lot easier if you're offering a product or a service because with the product you're going to factor in the cost of production and distribution

00:24:50,310 --> 00:25:07,444
you set your margins while keeping competitors pricing in mind you know for services those could be hourly that can break down by looking at what your earnings goal is for the week or the month of determining how much time you have to offer and then divide your goal by the number of hours you are available to offer that service

00:25:07,234 --> 00:25:12,116
and then voila that's roughly your hourly rate factoring in who your clients are and what their budget so like.

00:25:12,122 --> 00:25:22,055
Now pricing as a content creator specifically when working with brand Partnerships is a mixed bag I get asked a lot about this I get asked all the time how to set rates honestly.

00:25:22,178 --> 00:25:34,433
Even though I've been doing it for a while I mean I've started working with Brands and like 2015 2016 I still don't really know how to answer this question because there's not a straight forward answer

00:25:34,295 --> 00:25:49,089
Brands tend to have various budgets for campaigns or projects and so personally when working with Brands I like to ask for a statement of work of what they're looking for and what their budget is before saying this number is my rate because more often than not Brands will low-ball you

00:25:48,915 --> 00:25:56,750
so I like being crystal clear on what they want and they want to post do they want stories do they want to reuse my content on their channels

00:25:56,585 --> 00:26:04,690
if so we charge for all of those things and sometimes brands have budgets that are above your weight so if they offer that take it

00:26:04,516 --> 00:26:18,265
but my base rate for social posts is basically based on the higher end of what brands have paid me before for similar work if a brand is willing to pay me a certain amount that's the most I've ever gotten then that's my new rate because I know it now what's possible

00:26:18,190 --> 00:26:28,879
and if a brand wants to pay less than will typically negotiate fewer deliverables to align with their budget but sponsored content pricing is a really complex thing that's going to depend on the individual

00:26:28,714 --> 00:26:37,053
and Their audience and it's something that is going to have to come with time and with practice but I want you to factor in how long it takes you to make the content

00:26:36,969 --> 00:26:51,096
how much experience you had to gain it learning content creation your equipment right are you using a real nice camera to make that happen add tax for all of those things so it's going to be really individual depace based on the person and their.

00:26:51,102 --> 00:26:58,964
And I want to say your initial side hustle may not be your dream and I'll be all business and that's okay

00:26:58,853 --> 00:27:09,956
it should ideally still be something that you at least like because I think a lot of us do plenty of jobs that we don't like with outside employment that if you are going to employ yourself in any capacity

00:27:09,881 --> 00:27:15,150
hopefully it should be something that you do like even if it isn't like your dream career

00:27:14,994 --> 00:27:29,410
and if it can make you some money without costing too much of your piece or you know additional resources and you're able to make it profitable then you can start generating resources to fund a different dream business or lifestyle or financial Independence or pay off.

00:27:29,443 --> 00:27:34,100
Or whatever is related to your initial why that we talked about earlier

00:27:34,007 --> 00:27:42,328
and I challenge you to look at what you want to do and to be constantly looking for ways to make it easier and simpler

00:27:42,154 --> 00:28:00,540
so the reason why I've been able to sustain creating content while working full-time for as long as I have is because I'm always looking for reasons to streamline I create processes that are very simple to follow and when an Aryan my business has some friction or turbulence I noticed that something isn't working or it seems like a Time suck

00:28:00,447 --> 00:28:07,543
I look for ways to automate and streamline or determine if it's something that even needs to happen at all and I will edit

00:28:07,451 --> 00:28:16,528
ruthlessly as black women many of us are not used to things being easy it can be tempting to think that things need to be hard to be worthwhile

00:28:16,498 --> 00:28:21,029
and it doesn't have to be remember if you're creating a business it should be how you want.

00:28:21,026 --> 00:28:27,268
So many jobs are so hard don't create a job for yourself that is harder than it needs to be

00:28:27,220 --> 00:28:38,025
having a business is not without its challenges but in terms of the type of business you have and the foundation you set you get to choose your heart and that's going to determine your experience moving forward

00:28:37,932 --> 00:28:46,956
all right so we're starting a side hustle we've talked a lot I want to recap what we reviewed so far you got your why right you know why you want to

00:28:46,827 --> 00:28:54,175
start your side hustle you've looked at the intersection of your skills and resources to determine your what or what you want to offer

00:28:54,055 --> 00:29:01,656
you have determined your pricing or at least a strategy for how you can handle pricing on a case-by-case basis.

00:29:01,725 --> 00:29:05,500
Now you want to get really clear on who you want to offer

00:29:05,470 --> 00:29:13,377
your services or product or content or whatever to who is your client or your customer or community that you want to reach

00:29:13,275 --> 00:29:24,774
this is where having something like a customer Avatar can come in handy so I want you to Envision the person you're looking to do business with what problem do they have that can be solved with what you're offering

00:29:24,681 --> 00:29:28,366
how old are they where do they live how much money do they make

00:29:28,219 --> 00:29:41,788
ultimately your business can serve people who are outside of this Avatar by having this Baseline really helps you tailor your messaging so that when that ideal person finds your business they're like wow this was made just for me this is exactly what I need

00:29:41,740 --> 00:29:50,232
so once you know who you want to help start doing a little competitive analysis who else is offering something similar to what you're offering how can you differentiate

00:29:50,185 --> 00:30:02,557
hey how can you use what's going on in their business to carve out a new Lane for what you want to create what are the gaps that they're missing how do you fill those gaps so at the intersection of all of this information

00:30:02,446 --> 00:30:09,236
this is going to provide you the Insight you need to get started on your side hustle and to start building a healthy business

00:30:09,143 --> 00:30:18,004
there are other legalities to consider such as setting up a business entity or looking into trademarks or working with an accountant I'm not going to get into that.

00:30:18,002 --> 00:30:29,050
Today because that is going to be highly individual it's going to be based on your business your state your overall situation so it's hard for me to give general advice about that because it will vary and that advice is really

00:30:28,840 --> 00:30:38,278
best to get from a lawyer and or accountants when you reach that point I definitely recommend looking for a professional in your area who's familiar with your state.

00:30:38,293 --> 00:30:41,923
And what processes you need to go through in your state.

00:30:41,939 --> 00:30:48,351
Every state handles it very differently to help you get set up usually it's not too expensive to bring in help for that.

00:30:48,375 --> 00:31:02,179
So next I want to talk about sustaining your side hustle and tips I've learned about consistency because from my experience consistency is the most important part if you're creating content you gain momentum by being consistent

00:31:02,095 --> 00:31:08,579
if you're delivering a product or service to clients and customers you need to be consistent however that looks for you

00:31:08,531 --> 00:31:13,944
so the first tip is to set working hours for yourself just like any other job

00:31:13,942 --> 00:31:23,892
working for yourself whether it's full-time or part-time one of the biggest challenges is holding yourself accountable keeping yourself on track while not working 24/7

00:31:23,844 --> 00:31:35,973
I like to put blocks on my Google Calendar for the hours I want to work on balance black girl before and after work so I will have a block on my calendar from 7 and 9 a.m. its work block or four to six pm work.

00:31:36,177 --> 00:31:37,377
So once I have those

00:31:37,194 --> 00:31:47,685
blocks of time marked off I'm not having all these tasks swimming around in my head I'm not stressing about what I need to do because I already know that I have allocated time to work on them so

00:31:47,601 --> 00:31:55,265
I will use those blocks to do very specific tasks related to my business whether that is researching a podcast episode writing our newsletter

00:31:55,127 --> 00:32:06,608
creating or editing sponsored content recording a solo episode responding to emails I have that dedicated time blocked off on my calendar to remind me what I need to do and when those blocks of time are over

00:32:06,533 --> 00:32:16,069
I move on I go to work I relax I call my family I spend time with my friends I am very on during those work blocks and I am very off when those work blocks

00:32:15,922 --> 00:32:18,482
are over any other time I'm very

00:32:18,371 --> 00:32:30,500
off which helps with consistency and overwhelmed because during those work blocks I focus on the essential tasks and if I still have time left over to do non-essential tasks great and if not they can happen another day.

00:32:30,524 --> 00:32:42,824
I'm not saying that that works for everyone because I know everyone's brain works differently but I really recommend looking at your schedule looking at your energy level so understanding your natural energy levels for the day your availability and then determining

00:32:42,650 --> 00:32:48,666
which working hours work for you in your side hustle even if it's one to two hours a day

00:32:48,663 --> 00:32:58,524
there's so much you can do in one to two hours a day I built balanced black girl in one to two hours a day it is absolutely possible with a bit of focus and setting those parameters for yourself.

00:32:58,791 --> 00:33:02,098
So my next tip is to group similar tasks together

00:33:02,050 --> 00:33:09,002
as I just mentioned I like using blocks on my calendar to focus my time I usually work into our chunks because I find that that's a

00:33:08,811 --> 00:33:24,847
about how long my attention span is and I can get a decent amount done in that time within those two hour chunks I will do tasks that are similar so if it's a writing day I will write the show notes for three or four podcast episodes all at once or I will write the newsletter and a blog post and that to our chunk.

00:33:25,024 --> 00:33:35,010
If it's a recording day I'll spend two hours batch recording ads and intros and outros for the episodes if it's a filming day I'll film a few videos for social media at once.

00:33:35,025 --> 00:33:45,984
If it's an editing day I'll edit a few reels and tick-tocks all at once the reason this works is that it minimize task switching which is really hard for your brain it's hard for your brain to go from filming

00:33:45,855 --> 00:33:46,749
to writing

00:33:46,656 --> 00:33:59,649
to editing to responding to emails and sometimes we try to do these things all at once and our brains just cannot handle it they get really fatigued it takes way longer to do the thing and it's really hard to focus right

00:33:59,529 --> 00:34:06,041
but by grouping similar tasks together you can minimize task-switching and you can focus on what you need to do during that time.

00:34:06,146 --> 00:34:16,700
So let's say you're starting a side hustle as a virtual assistant and your brand new and just getting started and you have one hour that day to work on your business so maybe task batching for you can be

00:34:16,670 --> 00:34:24,540
spending that our reaching out to potential clients and sending them your calendly link to set up Discovery calls for the following week

00:34:24,448 --> 00:34:37,261
or maybe you break that our into to you spend the first 30 minutes in canva working on your price sheet for your services and then you spend the last 30 minutes researching clients and sending them your info.

00:34:37,303 --> 00:34:44,444
You just focus on those things the less time you have the more precious your focus is.

00:34:44,559 --> 00:34:49,954
Let's say that you're launching a physical product and you only have an hour that day you can spend that hour

00:34:49,906 --> 00:35:00,441
solely researching potential suppliers and creating a list of people to contact or you can spend that hour like light a candle turn on a playlist pour yourself a glass of whatever and

00:35:00,268 --> 00:35:04,492
hone in on setting up your Shopify store and then boom you're done for the day

00:35:04,310 --> 00:35:18,131
right breaking down the tasks you need and getting laser focus and during those designated times as best as you can is truly the best thing you can do for yourself if you have a business that's not your full-time business

00:35:18,101 --> 00:35:28,295
now I know life happens so it's going to require some flexibility right it's okay to be flexible it's okay if you do get distracted you bring yourself right back to Center during that time that you have.

00:35:28,436 --> 00:35:36,703
And maybe give yourself the day off the next day and then maybe pick back up with an hour a day the day after that and keep chipping away at it.

00:35:37,015 --> 00:35:47,991
Another part of growing and sustaining your side hustle is looking for ways to reduce friction I mentioned this earlier friction referring to points and your business that feel harder than they should.

00:35:48,079 --> 00:35:57,579
So maybe it's a process that's just a little overly complicated or maybe you don't have a process at all maybe it's something you do that is super manual and requires a lot of back and forth

00:35:57,486 --> 00:36:06,788
with each new level here business reaches that's an amazing time to look at your processes and make sure they're still serving you so look for ways to get things off your plate.

00:36:06,794 --> 00:36:09,354
Delegate to technology which I do

00:36:09,297 --> 00:36:20,111
all the time I have so many automations and back-end processes set up to keep this show running that run automatically that don't require manual work for me or anyone who works with me.

00:36:20,550 --> 00:36:31,661
If you're looking to create automations I love zapier for this zapier is a website that helps you integrate various online apps to create what are called zaps to make your life easier

00:36:31,488 --> 00:36:41,060
so one is that I have set up in my business is every time a podcast guest books through our scheduling form zapier automatically creates a Google doc

00:36:40,895 --> 00:36:43,922
all of their info that I then use that Google doc

00:36:43,794 --> 00:36:51,827
to draft the script and outline the episode all in one place that's app took me about 60 seconds to create and his save me

00:36:51,770 --> 00:36:54,311
hours over the past few years.

00:36:54,326 --> 00:37:08,121
And with those hours I've been able to chill and relax and take care of myself instead of going back and forth with people trying to get their bio right I don't necessarily take the time I saved and add it back to the business I take the time I save and I add it back to my life

00:37:08,028 --> 00:37:17,510
so continuing to look at the pain points in your side business and find ways to solve for them will help you grow and sustain it so much more easily.

00:37:17,633 --> 00:37:26,395
So moving into the last part of today's conversation how to stay balanced if you have a side hustle balanced is

00:37:26,356 --> 00:37:38,909
it's controversial it's subjective I understand why people don't like the word balanced I get it don't come for me but at this point my content has revolved around balance for the past eight years my brand is what it is I'm not changing it now

00:37:38,690 --> 00:37:46,398
so that's what we're going to use let's talk about running a side hustle and not being consumed by it how about that how about we use that phrasing.

00:37:46,549 --> 00:37:55,797
There have definitely been seasons in my content creation Journey when I felt like I was working 24/7 and that is hard I don't want that for anyone

00:37:55,614 --> 00:37:56,751
our goal here.

00:37:56,838 --> 00:38:06,590
Is to create space in our lives right and often times resources do that but if you're spending all your time chasing the resources that you're not creating space

00:38:06,516 --> 00:38:09,633
a few of the tips I mentioned earlier are designed to help

00:38:09,612 --> 00:38:23,605
setting your working hours to not going outside of them reducing friction using automation batching like tasks together all of those are designed to give you time back to spend however you would like ideally to help you find your balance.

00:38:23,665 --> 00:38:33,327
But I do have a few more tips for you the first is to keep the main thing the main thing and by main thing I mean whatever the main thing for your side hustle is

00:38:33,225 --> 00:38:41,825
now listen I know you're ambitious and I know you have amazing ideas and you can do all of them but you don't need to do all of them right now

00:38:41,804 --> 00:38:51,422
chasing all of them at once is what's going to have new feeling out of balance so whatever your main thing I mean offering or objective or product is

00:38:51,392 --> 00:39:00,559
focus on that get that down packed get it to a point where it is bringing in resources for you make it sustainable.

00:39:00,565 --> 00:39:15,548
Then once you're able to generate some some resource bring in some help and have some spaciousness and then start pursuing the other ideas you have nothing will wear you out faster than trying to do 10 things at once that aren't working.

00:39:15,689 --> 00:39:19,590
Do one thing that works make one thing in your business work.

00:39:19,641 --> 00:39:31,923
Then you can make another thing in your business work and then you can make another thing in your business work but it takes time to make something work so my version of this is with this very podcast so for me the podcast is the main thing

00:39:31,839 --> 00:39:44,274
everything else is secondary I get a lot of requests to be on YouTube and teach yoga classes and you Vlogs everyday and create this course and create that course and let me tell you I would love to do all of those things

00:39:44,262 --> 00:39:47,353
if I had about 10 more people on my team

00:39:47,287 --> 00:39:55,743
and about 10 times more resources and the ability to do all of those things abundantly and spacious Lee I would do them in a heartbeat

00:39:55,713 --> 00:40:02,567
and I have no doubt that there will be a time when that will all come to fruition however right now with my current resources.

00:40:02,618 --> 00:40:07,806
Bandwidth help I'm able to afford and the fact that this is still a side hustle for me

00:40:07,731 --> 00:40:14,378
I'm able to bring you a hopefully good as good as I can make it at this time podcast every Tuesday

00:40:14,312 --> 00:40:23,758
that I know I can deliver on and I will continue to deliver on and the other things will happen when I can do so abundantly but if I were to try to do all those things right now.

00:40:24,025 --> 00:40:34,588
I would run myself absolutely ragged and all of those things would be trash the YouTube would be trash the yoga would be trashed the podcast would be trashed the course would be trash.

00:40:34,675 --> 00:40:39,161
So the main thing this podcast is the main thing for now.

00:40:39,383 --> 00:40:52,916
That's sustainable that's how I'm still able to have a personal life and and the time and spaciousness to take care of myself and when I am in such an abundant spacious place that I can then add on other offerings to that than we totally will.

00:40:52,968 --> 00:41:01,432
So don't chase so many ideas to the point where you wear yourself out and then you aren't able to execute on any of them next tip.

00:41:01,439 --> 00:41:10,912
As soon as soon as as soon as you are able or can't afford to delegate things to someone.

00:41:11,278 --> 00:41:16,034
Do it do not stop do not pass go do not collect $200

00:41:15,950 --> 00:41:28,493
get it off your plate I know it takes a while to get there I promise you if you get two nickels to rub together give one of the Nickels to somebody who can take that cumbersome annoying tasks you hate to do off

00:41:28,409 --> 00:41:36,631
your plate I promise you it is worth it for me that was podcast editing I edited this podcast myself for the first year

00:41:36,629 --> 00:41:45,021
honestly it sounded horrible but I did my best and as soon as I was able to hustle up enough Instagram deals to pay someone else to do it.

00:41:45,325 --> 00:41:49,586
Out of there haven't looked back editing I don't know her.

00:41:49,817 --> 00:42:04,763
Shout out to our wonderful editors at softer sounds it is the best money I spend in my business every month I would forgo paying myself to pay them every month because it is that worth it whatever it is that you can't stand doing.

00:42:04,977 --> 00:42:15,683
As soon as you possibly can delegate it out and I promise your nervous system will thank you and you will enjoy running your side business so much more.

00:42:16,040 --> 00:42:23,830
Now the next tip is to engage with things outside of your business by that I mean don't be all consumed with your niche

00:42:23,629 --> 00:42:34,939
it's okay to follow coaches and colleagues and people who do similar things right those are your side hustle co-workers and that's important but have some other perspectives thrown in there too

00:42:34,936 --> 00:42:40,853
engage with people and accounts and things that are entirely different from you.

00:42:41,148 --> 00:42:55,824
Keep your perspectives open when you spend all day working and spend a few hours a day on your side hustle and then spend a few hours a day on your phone scrolling and following a bunch of people who are doing the same side hustle your brain.

00:42:55,875 --> 00:42:57,201
Is an Overdrive.

00:42:57,217 --> 00:43:07,824
It's not getting a break that's when imposter syndrome can seep in that's when comparison can seep in so make sure you're taking time to listen to music you enjoy

00:43:07,722 --> 00:43:14,540
don't make every single book you read be a business book or be a personal development book or a business podcast

00:43:14,510 --> 00:43:20,004
give yourself time and space to be inspired by the outside world pick up a novel.

00:43:20,362 --> 00:43:34,021
Tune into a comedy podcast watch your comfort show right we all have a show where you what's your comfort show my comfort show is a different world I can turn on any episode of a different world after season one and feel perfectly content and

00:43:33,856 --> 00:43:39,350
it recalibrates my nervous system so whatever your comfort show is turn that on you know.

00:43:39,545 --> 00:43:47,227
Just know how to recenter yourself and don't have everything you do be centered on the work you do to give yourself a break.

00:43:47,494 --> 00:43:56,968
Okay give yourself time and space to be inspired and try not to get too wrapped up in the other work out there that is similar to yours so.

00:43:57,019 --> 00:44:03,692
Don't regularly listen to podcasts that are similar to mine and that's horror few reasons one.

00:44:03,996 --> 00:44:09,535
I don't want to hear someone say something and then a few months later think I came up with it.

00:44:09,667 --> 00:44:17,025
Because it's in my subconscious and it can be very easy to unintentionally copy work when you are only consuming work that's like yours.

00:44:17,454 --> 00:44:32,013
And to like I was just saying it's to give my brain a break to learn new things to learn your perspective so I'm not listening to mom as podcasts all day I'll list to a pop culture pod spiritual pod a relationship pod tread lightly with the relationship pods but.

00:44:32,317 --> 00:44:39,296
I give my brain a break okay because even consuming work that is similar to mine feels like work.

00:44:39,573 --> 00:44:46,183
So give your brain a break play some music read a romance novel take a walk go to sleep

00:44:46,153 --> 00:44:51,980
all of those things will better serve you then reading the millionth Business book in a row.

00:44:52,248 --> 00:44:59,056
My last tip for finding balance while having a side hustle Is Knowing When to Walk Away from something.

00:44:59,135 --> 00:45:02,306
I don't know your goal but Michael isn't a side hustle forever

00:45:02,186 --> 00:45:14,261
right maybe you side hustle for a little while to earn some extra cash to reach a financial goal and then you go back to that one job life or maybe you want to make your side hustle your main thing that's cool

00:45:14,159 --> 00:45:23,318
my maybe you start doing a side hustle and you're like yeah this ain't it that's okay too knowing when to walk away from something whether it is ending

00:45:23,279 --> 00:45:30,465
or pivoting your business leaving your main job ending your side hustle Journey all together whatever that may be

00:45:30,435 --> 00:45:37,721
it's your life make it what you want you were in the driver's seat life is too short to do things that you don't want to do

00:45:37,700 --> 00:45:45,751
life is too short to be miserable so don't feel like you have to stick something out if it served its purpose or if it's not what you want.

00:45:46,018 --> 00:45:55,653
As I shared earlier I've quite a lot of things my old personal training jobs my retail jobs my old blog if I would have walked away from those things I would have never created balance black girl.

00:45:55,822 --> 00:46:01,649
Your peace is more valuable than anything a side hustle or job or anything else can give you.

00:46:02,087 --> 00:46:09,355
Your piece doesn't have a price so prioritize it above all else alright my friend.

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That is what I have for you today about finding balance in your side hustle this is our introduction to balance black girl be school I hope you enjoyed this episode and I would love it if you subscribed and left us a five star review.

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Had to the show notes for more information about today's episodes as well as links and discount codes from our amazing sponsors who make this show possible.

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Thank you for tuning in and I am so excited to continue the black women in business series with you over the coming weeks.

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So next week we're talking to Alexis Barber about her experiences as a black content creator and what it's been like launching her first.

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It's such a good episode for anyone interested in content creation or who wants a peek behind the curtain at what it's like and another.

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Perspective from someone else who also has a side hustle so subscribe so that you catch the episode when it drops next Tuesday.

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Thank you again for listening and I'll see you next.



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